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제목 국립소록도병원에 입원치료 중인 한센병력을 가진 노인환자에 대한 골밀도분석
저자 박승규 소속 국립소록도병원
년도 2014 1
47 번호 1
시작페이지 3 끝페이지 16
첨부 2014-1나학회지2014 - 최종.pdf
요약 Abstract

Analysis of bone density for ex-hansen patients in one national hansen hospital in Korea
Seung-Kyu Park
National Sorokdo Hospital

Background : Most of those who have taken drugs for osteoporosis in Sorokdo hospital haven't got through any objective test for bone density to figure out the status of it. The purpose of this study is to get the baseline data for their bone densities using diagnostic instrument.

Method : The subject was 258 ex-hansen patients who were available to take the bone densitometry. DXA machine was used on L1-L4 and femur neck analyzing the results according to WHO guideline for defining osteoporosis.

Results : The rate of male to female was 1:1.19 and their mean age was 74.6 years old. The bone density of femur neck was lower than vertebrae. For men, the prevalence of osteoporosis was 30% in 60s, 32.3% in 70s, 60% in 80s and older. For women, it was 35.5% in 60s, 59.7% in 70s, 74.3% in 80s and older.

Conclusion : The baseline data of bone densities acquired from this study would be used as objective guideline for diagnosis of osteoporosis and evaluation of effectiveness of medication for it.

(Key Word. bone density, osteoporosis, ex-hansen patient)